Krakowskie Forum Kultury, Krakow Forum of Culture, is a municipal institution with the mission to organize cultural events for and popularize culture among the inhabitants of the city of Krakow – Polish and non-Polish speakers. KFK was founded in 1979 and since then has brought countless concerts, theater plays, exhibitions, workshops and courses to the heart of Krakow beating at Mały Rynek. Besides our home at 2 Mikołajska St we also animate the cultural life in other locations, supervising clubs of culture in different parts of the city: Klub Kazimierz, Klub Strych (Grzegórzki), Klub Malwa (Prądnik Czerwony), Integracyjny Klub Kultury Olsza, we also support the tradition of Piwnica pod Baranami.

We are proud to collaborate with the U.S. Consulate General and the Foundation Center of Latin Culture “Centro Latino”, exhibiting foreign artists, organizing screenings of movies in original language versions and meeting in English or Spanish, among other activities.

We are also open to new collaborations. If you have an exciting idea of organizing a cultural event in your language – do not hesitate to write us!

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